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Saturday, July 30, 2011

She was still Innocent and fearless

The little girl


With shells and crabs

Bathe in the salty water

On the seashore

Keen eyes waiting

To see more animals

And play with them

Dangerous or not

Was not her concern

Fear of getting bitten

The depth of the ocean

Did not bother

She treated all alike

She was still

Innocent and fearless

As god had sent her

Still not fully exposed

To the ugly realities

And crooked ways of life



Never say,never again


Say never again

If you ever say, never again

You shall never be able to

Say never again

Even when you want to

Say never again

So say if not now

Than may be

Sometime later

But never say, never again

If you can’t understand

What I have written

Then read again

But for god sake

Do not say

Never again

You shall read anything

On never again

And please do not ask

Why I have written?

So much on never again

The answer is very simple

So that you read it

Again and again

And than say

Oh! my god

Never again



Friday, July 29, 2011

Life to him was an unpleasant necessity

Face pale

Perspiration dripping

Breathing heavily

His legs tiring

He was using

Full energy

In pulling the weight

Of heavy and wealthy

For the sake of

Two little meals

For him and his family

He was a poor

Rickshaw driver

With no other means

No other choice

Life to him was an

Unpleasant necessity


1265-149 -07-11

Waiting for him

With a look of hope

On the face
Eyes gleaming
Longing to see her desire

She sat in the window
Looking at the street
Waiting for him to arrive
Arms of the clock

Kept moving
Her desire

Remained starving
Color of the face

Kept changing
Pink became yellow

In no time

Eyes moved

From street to the clock

Now and then
Afternoon went

And evening arrived
No sign of

Her love to be seen
Eyes became wet
Tears started flowing
One more day

Had left her crying
Waiting for him
Had become

Her only pastime


1262-146 -07-11