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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

People come,people go

 People come,
 People go
Memories remain
Some sweet
Some sour
Forgotten with time
Continue to live
Some with love
Some with hate
Without bothering
How they will be
Remembered ?
After they leave

If given a choice

If given a choice
I’ll choose
To live in a place
With green trees, colourful plants
Delicious fruits
Coming straight from trees  
Beautiful flowers, full of aroma
Colored birds
Chirping and whistling
Without any fear
Flowing water
Enchanting music of nature
Cool breeze blowing  
Making every soul happy
Rain and light in plenty
Cool moonlight in the night
No disease no hunger
No one preying on other
Fear of death
Hate and enemy unheard
Peace all around
All lives enjoying
Love and only love
In vicinity
Praying to god
To give immortality


One should feel lucky
If one gets choices in the life
It can make one happy
Throughout the life  
Choice in love
Friends and relations
Work, career, city and country
Is the dream of every living soul? 
Living the life with choice
If one doesn’t get things of choice
One should be contented
With what he gets
Too many cooks spoil the dish
Too many choices
Makes it difficult to choose
One is lucky
If one gets chance to choose
If one’s got a life there is no choice
One has to live the way it comes
Throughout the life
Keep on trying,
For better choices   

The importance of confidence and trust

She said she loved me
I was not confident
If she really meant it
I doubted
She left me
A friend said I trust you
I was not confident
If he really meant it
I doubted
He departed
A neighbor said
Door of my house
Was left open in the night
I thought he is fooling
I didn’t believe
My house was burgled
Lack of trust,
Confidence and doubt
Made big dents in my life
I am lonely
No friend, no neighbor
To share my plight
Now I realize
The importance
Of confidence and trust
Same yardstick
Of doubting everybody
Has never helped

War spares nobody

He was a soldier
Far away from home
In the name of peace
He was fighting a war
In a distant country
Following the orders
Of his superiors
Killing the innocent
Old and young
Every time he put his finger
On the trigger of his gun
His heart ached
A sense of guilt crept in
He could not sleep 
In the night
He cried
His conscience pricked
Said to him
Killing was no solution to peace
He decided
He shall not kill anymore
Next day his superior ordered
To fire on a group of civilians
His finger
Could not pull the trigger
His boss noticed and shouted
Why are you not firing?
I’m not going to fire
On the innocents
He replied
Before the boss could say a word
A stray bullet killed the soldier
War spares nobody
In the name of peace
For no rhyme or reason
Can be killed