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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

War spares nobody

He was a soldier
Far away from home
In the name of peace
He was fighting a war
In a distant country
Following the orders
Of his superiors
Killing the innocent
Old and young
Every time he put his finger
On the trigger of his gun
His heart ached
A sense of guilt crept in
He could not sleep 
In the night
He cried
His conscience pricked
Said to him
Killing was no solution to peace
He decided
He shall not kill anymore
Next day his superior ordered
To fire on a group of civilians
His finger
Could not pull the trigger
His boss noticed and shouted
Why are you not firing?
I’m not going to fire
On the innocents
He replied
Before the boss could say a word
A stray bullet killed the soldier
War spares nobody
In the name of peace
For no rhyme or reason
Can be killed


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