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Saturday, May 21, 2011

One has to move

I drive a Car
He rides a Motorbike 
Everybody moves 
The way he likes
Go place to place 
By some means
Camel and Bullock Cart
In the villages,
Some ride
Donkeys and Horses since ages
People who live,
Near water
Move by Ship or Steamer
Rivers are not big as the sea
One uses Boat or Ferry
When they move they make merry
Aeroplanes and Helicopters
Reach you faster than others
Riding a Bicycle two by two
Is slow but steady  
In Truck or Bus
One has company of many  
Travelling by Train is very enjoying
 Sound of the track and wheels
Resembles rattling of dry leaves
In snow
Sledge pulled by Dogs
Is the only choice
Some travel to moon in dreams
Reach everywhere, without any means
Unlike the astronauts,
Who travel by Rocket ?
To go to mars or moon
One thing is certain
One cannot remain calm and still
Either on two Legs or by a vehicle
Whether on
Two, three or four wheels
One has to move by
Some means

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