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Friday, April 29, 2011

He had lost his pride

He thought
He was the strongest man
There was nobody
Stronger and powerful than him
His pride turned him
From human to a demon
He used to bully
Young and old equally
Asking for money
And goods of his choice
Nobody dared to defy
One day he got hit by a
Speeding car
Broke his leg
Started  bleeding
Unable to get up
He cried in pain
Nobody came to
Help him recover
Kept lying on the road
Fainted after some time
When he woke up
Found himself in the hospital
A frail old man
Was sitting on his bedside
He remembered
He bullied him the most
Asked him
Why did he help him?
Old man replied
You did what you thought
Was right
I did ,what I thought
Was right
The strong man
Held the old man's hand
Tears flowing from his eyes
He had lost his pride

Fate of a life

Lives In hope
Has faith in fate
Keeps on working
Trying to fulfill
The dreams  
One saw
If one succeeds
Its hard work for
Fate for others
If he fails
It’s fate for him
Lack of hard work
For others
Goes on and on
End of the day
When one dies
It’s the fate
Which seals
The fate of a life

Go and pray for her soul

Somebody told me
She is back in town
My eyes lit in happiness
Heart beats increased
My desire to meet her
Came back to life
I got ready
Wore the best dress
I had
Bought   a bouquet
Of flowers
Prayed to god
What I would say to her
Ran to her house
I was Perspiring
My heart thumping
I saw a big lock
On the door of her house
I was shocked
Tears in my eyes
My wish of meeting her
Could not materialize
A neighbour came
And asked
Why I was there?
I told the matter
With a gloomy face
He informed me
Somebody had played
An ugly prank on me
She can never come
She was no more
She had died long ago
Go and pray for
Her soul

Lives far away from me

She may be away
From me on the land
Very far by distance
Close to my heart and soul
She is half my age
Loves me
More than anyone can
I remember her naughty deeds
And what she said to me
As soon as I entered the house
She would run
And take me in her arms
She left me crying
To start a new life
I miss her, she misses me
Throughout the day
Throughout the night
I think of her, she thinks of me,
Keeps talking to me on the phone
Be it morning, be it night  
The best think happened to me
When she joined the family?
As a cute and bubbly baby
She is my daughter
Lives far away from me

Monday, April 25, 2011


Is a conscious
Purposive process
Relying on thinking
The account
Of your deeds
And thoughts
In solace
By your own self
By talking
To your conscience
Candidly admitting  
Your mistakes
Without any coercion
Or pressure
Promising to yourself
Agreeing on your own
Not to repeat them

When life is not worth living

When somebody
Hurts you
Cheats you
Deceives you
Abuse you
You don’t like him
When you feel
Things are not
Going the way
You wished
When your dreams
Are not filled
When you fail
When people don’t
Understand you
Respect you
Care for you
You feel lost
And depressed
You think that life is
 Not worth living
Have you ever thought?
Of talking to yourself
Close your eyes
Introspect in solace
You shall know,
The mistakes
You committed
The way you behaved
And treated people
False ego
Unrealistic dreams
You saw
You had for people
Work on them
You shall find life
Worth living