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Sunday, April 10, 2011

He Was Giving What He Got

He was born as an orphan
Fathered by a criminal
Nobody spoke of love and Affection
He became a dreaded criminal
He grew as a Person
Full of Hatred and Enmity
He started giving what he got 
Ready to pounce on
Any Man, Woman or Child
Who laughed and smiled
Without bothering
About cast or creed  
One day after getting drunk
He fall down from his bike
When consciousness came
He found himself
 In a old man’s Lap
Rubbing his Palm
Sprinkling water on the Face
Shocked and surprised
He asked the old man
Why he was so nice
To a criminal like him
Old man replied
He was giving what he got
Without bothering, who he was?
The criminal was moved by
Old man’s thought  
He decided to say sorry to God
And repent for his Sins  
He was a changed man now
Full of Love and affection
Hate and enmity gone
Giving back what he got 
(Dr.Rajendra Tela,"Nirantar") 

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