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Sunday, April 3, 2011

When New Year Comes

When New Year Comes
Everybody Shivers
In the month of January
Which is cold and Airy
In February winter get’s Weary
Prepares for Leaving
Paving way for spring to come  
In the month of March
Flowers loom Large
April comes
Summer knocks on the Door
When May comes,
Sun Brightens
Mangoes ripe and Juicy  
Long hot days
Make June very tiring
Holidays for Children
All wait for Rain  
Monsoon at its Peak
When July arrives
Rain brings Smile
August is the month of Freedom
Sometimes sticky sometimes Hot
In September one feels
 Better then August
We call it Autumn
One see’s Flowers
Which are colourful and Rosy
October is the festival Month
Weather is good
Winter getting Ready
November makes everybody Happy
Everybody enjoys
Lights of Deepawali
In the Cold month of December
Christmas celebrated
Throughout the World
Everybody says  goodbye to the year
Welcomes New Year
On the night of 31’st December
589—22 -04-11
(Dr.Rajendra Tela,"Nirantar") 

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