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Friday, November 22, 2013

In Hope

Severe heat
Snatched smile
From the faces
Turned happiness
Into gloom
Leaves on the trees
Started drying
All hearts praying
In hope
Eyes glued to the sky
Eagerly waiting for the
Dark clouds to come
Pour water
Quench the thirsty lips
Of the dry earth
Bring back the
The lost smile on
The faces
Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar

I have the guts to admit

At times
I am too harsh
At times very soft
Sometimes I take
A middle path
When I introspect
I find
I am as double faced
As most of the people
I am harsh with People
Whom I do not have
Any affinity
I am soft with People
Whom I like
I take a middle path
When it suits me
Still I am happy
I have the guts
 To admit
I am wrong
Many times
Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar

Life,Guts,Double Faced,Honesty ,Confession