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Friday, October 5, 2012

Joy and sorrow

Who does not laugh?
Who does not cry?
Joy and sorrow
Are in Every body’s life
Who does not hope?
Whose hope
Are always fulfilled
Who does not fear death?
Still new hope
Takes birth in the mind
Everybody keeps
On living

My heart is a caged bird

My heart is a caged bird
Legs tied by the bond of
Wings clipped by
Crying in agony
Writhing with pain
Wants to fly
In the open skies
Leave every memory
Feel the heat of sun
Cool breeze on the body
Sing freely
Like the flowing water
Cross the oceans
Conquer the Mountains
Break the shackles of
Worldly rules
Live freely thereafter

You may forget me I can never

If you think
By going away far away
From my eyes
You will descend down
From my heart
I will forget you
You are mistaken
I have forgotten myself
For you
I do not remember
Anything except you
My heart beats for you
Your name is written on
 Every breath I take
You may forget me
I can never 
I have lived for you
I shall keep living for you
You like it or not
I shall love you
Now tell me
How can I forget you?