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Monday, December 26, 2011

Life is beautiful

Life is beautiful
It's god’s gift to you
It is neither a bed of roses
Nor a thorny mattress
Never feel depressed
When you are distressed
Take life as it comes
Do not cry in difficulties
Take them as a challenge
Face them
With determination
Treat fellow beings
With love and affection
Life is wonderful
Life is beautiful
Life is a battle
One has to fight
Never cheat never steal
Help the needy
Serve the humanity
Work hard
To achieve your goal
Never hurt a single soul
Respect the elders
Love the younger
Make lots of friends
And enjoy the life

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Let Me Laugh Again

Oh, lord
Hear my prayer
Do not
Snatch the flower
Of laughter
From the plant of
My life
Take my sorrows
Give back my laughter
Pour rain
On the dry earth
Make it wet again
Wash negative thoughts
With the water of positivity
Let the plant of life
Bloom again
I do not ask
For money and pleasure
I pray to you
Give back my courage
Restore my confidence
Leave me with a
Positive attitude
I am tired of
Seeing darkness
All around
Let my life shine
With the light
Of love and affection
Oh, lord
Shower your blessings
On me
Let me laugh again

Friday, December 16, 2011

Guilt Complex

He was my closest friend
From childhood
Shared good and bad time
Always wanted me
To reach greater heights
Started disapproving
The ways and means
I used to fulfill my dreams
My failures created doubts
For him in my mind
Started blaming him
For what I could not achieve
Held him responsible
For all my failures
Our friendship fell apart
I had lost someone
Who was my life’s part?
Time passed
I faced defeat after defeat
My progress halted,
Growth retorted
Until I realized
I was not doing the right
What my lost friend
Had advised
Unwillingly did,
What he had suggested
My ways and means
Started tasting
Success after success
My dreams were fulfilled
But kept suffering
From the crime
I had committed
I had doubted
My friend’s integrity
Never cared for his
Love and sincerity
The guilt complex
Never allowed me 
To live happily
I had lost courage 
To face him
For my wrong doings
Tears keep coming 
To the eyes
I feel all my achievements
Are tainted and farce
How to win him back ?
Is now my goal

Monday, December 5, 2011

Unfulfilled desire

He had greyed
Wrinkles on the face
Spectacles on the eyes
He saw her with probing
Sitting on a bench in the
Reading a book near
The hotel
He was staying
He had come to the city
Four decades
After he completed
His studies
If not mistaken
It was she
Who filled his life?
With unfulfilled desire
She had also aged
Glow on the face
Had turned in to gloom
Slowly walked and
Stood in front of her
Seeing the light obstructed
She lifted her face
Her eyes remained
Wide open
She could not believe
It was he
She cleaned her eyes
To confirm
What she thought
Was right
Could not utter a
Single word
Tears started flowing
The man asked
How are you?
How is your family?
She replied
I did not marry
Slowly asked
In an anxious tone
Did you ?
I also did not
Was the answer
Tell me
Why you did not?
The woman blushed
Said in a muffled tone
You did not