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Saturday, December 8, 2012

When my memories haunt you

When my memories
Haunt you
Write your feelings
In a letter to me
If you do not want
Share your feelings
Simply right my name
In your hand writing
Your fragrance
Merged in
The ink of your pen 
Shall make me feel
You are near to me
That would be
A sufficient reason
 To live for me

He is silently praying for you

When you like somebody
When you respect somebody
When you adore somebody
One who guides you
One who restores your
One who gives you solace
One who makes you believe
Life is worth living
You remember his words
You remember his advice
You start thinking
He is an angel
Sent by god to help you
He teaches
Live life as it should be lived
If he forgets you
You need not feel lonely
Believe in your faith in him
He is silently praying for you
Busy in 
Helping somebody else
Who is more distressed?
Then you

Everything will be Alright

She was
My class fellow
Her soft manners
Simple but neat dress
Ever smiling face
Without any make up
Captivated me
She never complained
About any thing
Be it severe cold
A bad weather
Late train
No electricity
No classes
Simply said
Have little patience
And faith in god
Everything will be

Her deep blue eyes

Her deep blue eyes
Deep in my heart
Her soft voice
Like music to me
Her mannerisms
Ripples in my body
My mind
I kept staring at her
In the hope
She would talk to me
She did not even
Have a second look at me
After talking to the
She hurriedly left away
With a heavy heart
I drove to my home
My heart beats increased
With an
Unimaginable speed
When I saw her talking
To my mother
Outside my house
Son she has come to
Meet you
She wants you teach
My face flushed once
Regained its glory
Music started
Flowing in my ears
Waves of ecstasy
In my mind
I simply could not utter
A word
Just nodded my head
With a deep breath
Later I came to know
She did not recognize me

My heart cries in pain

My heart cries in pain
My face
Twitches in agony
My mind puzzled
I do not know
What to do?
Baseless doubts
Have been raised
Time and again
On my
Integrity and honesty
They are difficult to bear
I keep on asking myself
What should I do?
Try to explain my friend
With full honesty
That I am innocent
Should I break?
All relations
Or just pray to god
I decide
Neither to explain
My innocence
Nor to
Break the relations
Just take the episode
In right spirit
Pray for my friend
May god give him
The energy and wisdom
Never to doubt anybody
Without rhyme or reason
May god
Also protect him
From others
Doing the same to him

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

From darkness you came

From darkness
You came
To darkness
You shall go
The moments of
Light you got
Neither cry
Nor make others cry
Make your life
A blooming flower
Remember god
You came crying
You shall go

Love is sacred

Love is sacred 
It is divine gift
Of god
As pure as the 
Heart of a new born
Dew on the leaves
Snow on the high 
Nectar of a flower
Honey of the bee
Its Purity immortal
Fragrance indelible