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Monday, November 28, 2011

Did you miss me?

All husbands and wives
When meet
After being away
From each other
Ask the same question
Did you miss me?
No spouse says
I did not
Still they keep going
For days or months
May be because of work
Or something else
Enjoy the work
Enjoy the life
But when together
Ask the same old
Did you miss me?

Love is a two-way agony

Love is a
Two-way agony
Does not spare
Any body
Both keep waiting
Both keep dreaming
Thoughts keep coming
Both keep hoping
Both keep praying
Till not together
Live in misery
Both keep crying
When one
Leaves the world

Friday, November 11, 2011

I was in bad mood

I was in bad mood
There was total
Sun was shining
In the sky
There was no light
In my mind
There was darkness 
All around
Pain and agony
Ruled my heart
Made me scary
Increased my worries
My gladness gone
Made me feel alone
Negativity crept in
Positivity gone
Whom to trust?
Whom to believe?
The question remained
Should I talk?
Should I write?
What I felt
What I thought
I felt trapped
Like a fly
In the spiders web
Longing to come out
Of my bad mood
Bring back
My rosy smile
Taking life as it came

My desire remains unfulfilled

Are never satisfied
They come
In leaps and bounds

With full enthusiasm 
Meet the shore
Surrender in
By the shore
They calm down
Like a
 Woman does
After meeting her
Her desires fulfilled
Only to return
With more vigour
As if to say
I shall keep coming
Again and again
Till you do not quench
My thirst for love
My desire remains


Thursday, November 10, 2011

How can I forget you?

  How can I forget you?
I miss you
I dream of you
I am alive because of you
How can you ask me?
To forget you
Do not be so selfish
You know
My love for you
You are my peace
You are my soul
I want you to remain
The way you want  
But never think
I can forget you  
Do not snatch my life
Let me live
By remembering you

Silence of the night haunts me

Silence of the night
Haunts me
Makes dreaded noise
In my mind
The darkness
Creates ripples
In the heart
I patiently wait
 For the night to pass
Let the morning light
Engulf the dark night
Change my fate
Free me from miseries
Bring hope and desires
To the turbulent life
Let peace and solace
Bring calmness
To the heart and mind

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I am unable to convince you

I do not expect
Anything from you
Nor do I have
Love designs for you
I remember you
Write to you
Simply because
I like you
Adore you
From the core
Of my heart
Though I try to
But simply cannot stop
From writing to you
Increasing your doubts
About my intentions
About you
My biggest agony is
I am unable to
Convince you

If I get two extra hours daily

If I get two extra hours daily, I would like to fill the gap between ,what I wanted to do ?what I should have done and ?and what I could not do .
I would spent more time with my family, besides utilizing them in reviving my contacts,
I will get in touch with my old friends, people who have played important role in my life and I have been unable to meet or contact them because of my busy schedule, I shall visit senior citizens whether known or unknown in the city and the colony, spent some time with them .I shall also try to complete jobs which are important, but have taken a backseat in my daily schedule and I have always blamed lack of time as the culprit for non completion. I would like to spend some time whenever possible to increase 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pure Love

It was raining
She was standing
Under the tree
Her beauty
Visible clearly
From under Her
Drenched clothes
Passersby to look at her
Unconcerned about
What they were thinking?
Her eyes were glued
On the road
Anxiously waiting
For her beloved
To arrive
Take her in his arms
Provide warmth
To her cold body
Drench her
With pure love


Fear exists
In every mind
Some fear death
Some fear life
There is fear all around
Some fear struggle
Some fear strife
The problem is their
Fear does not solve
Fear does not give
Fear is an enemy
Which makes a person?
Weak and unsuccessful
Fear harms the health
Eats the wealth
It snatches the smile
Makes one cry
Help your self  
Get rid of fear
Work hard
Try for the best
Think positive
Live life like
Never before