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Sunday, November 6, 2011

If I get two extra hours daily

If I get two extra hours daily, I would like to fill the gap between ,what I wanted to do ?what I should have done and ?and what I could not do .
I would spent more time with my family, besides utilizing them in reviving my contacts,
I will get in touch with my old friends, people who have played important role in my life and I have been unable to meet or contact them because of my busy schedule, I shall visit senior citizens whether known or unknown in the city and the colony, spent some time with them .I shall also try to complete jobs which are important, but have taken a backseat in my daily schedule and I have always blamed lack of time as the culprit for non completion. I would like to spend some time whenever possible to increase 


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  2. A very honest take on the "two hours". enjoyed reading it. Best of luck. Please do visit my post Aye Zindagi!

  3. Why would you wanna use two extra hours to renew contracts? Use the normal 24 hours na? That way, all the other things you've mentioned, you'll have more time to do :)
    Great post :D

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