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Friday, June 24, 2011

What one does,decides the fate

In every one
The urge is great
To know one’s fate
The anxiety remains live
Throughout the life
What’s in store?
The question always roars
Everybody wishes
Their dreams be fulfilled
Want to have
A glimpse of the future
What one does
Decides the fate
Good get heaven
Bad go to hell

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Her prize possession

She never forgets
Her blue frock
Does not even 
Show it
To anybody
She was 
Six years old
When I had bought it 
Presented to her
On her birthday
She liked it on 
The first sight
Thanked me 
A thousand times
On wearing it
The same night
It became 
Her favorite dress
For every function
She would wear it 
Cried if told to
Choose from 
The rest
She wore it 
The most
It also fitted her
The best
As she grew 
Had to Stop
Wearing it
Preserved it as 
A treasure
Her most valuable 
When reminded 
About the frock
she becomes nostalgic 
I can understand
Her love 
For the frock
It brought her 
Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar 

Your heart talk’s to me

I forget myself
When I am with you
Drowned Deep
In the world of love
I can only feel
Your love for me
My eyes close
My mind in total peace
I hear no voices
Nothing disturbs me  
In total silence
Your heart talk’s to me
Every word I understand
Love, love and only love
Your heart says to me

Saturday, June 18, 2011

In search of truth

In search of truth
Fed up with the falsehood
I became a discontented soul
I read books
Met scholars
Tried all that was possible
Every time I thought
I have got what I wanted
I found I was wrong
I was, where I was
I met an old man
Who told me
To reduce my desires
Try to be happy
With what I have
I decided to try
Put his advice into action
Not to mention
Truth seems nearer
I am happier
Than ever before

Friday, June 17, 2011

Never thinks of being happy,with what one possesses

Everybody dreams
Throughout the life
Always searching
For better living
Fulfilling the desires
Remains the motive
Discontentment comes
When the same 
Is not achieved
Frustration creeps in
Misery sets in
Happiness leaves
Keep sweating
Lose sleep
Priorities keep changing
Every day
Wishes increase
Loses peace
Lives in agony
Ready to compromise
With unholy deeds
Forgets the path of god
Wanders like a fraud
Cheating himself
To fulfill the endless wishes
Never thinks of being happy
With what one possesses