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Sunday, June 12, 2011

His eyes kept searching

Sitting in a busy street
On the side of a fountain
Looking at the passersby
With hope and expectation
Waiting for somebody
To have pity on him
Shower some money
People glanced at him
Kept moving ahead
Without giving 
A penny to him
In the heart 
He cursed them
 Did not fail to smile
When somebody
Came near to him
His begging container 
Remained empty
Had to listen to 
Sarcastic remarks
From morning till evening
He had no money
Nothing to eat
Water from a bottle
With a hungry stomach
Kept praying to god
To send one soul
Who shall not 
Let his day?
Go in vain
There was no pain
No despair on his face
It was 
Many of those days
When he had to 
Sleep hungry
Without letting 
His hope die
His eyes kept 
For somebody
Who would give?
In cash or kind

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