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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I could only mutter hello,without getting heard

Arrow struck us
Made us come
Close to each other
I was about to propose
And little bud of love
Was about to bloom
Emergency at home  
Made her leave
For her country
 In a huff
My dreams
Shattered in misery
I lived in her memories
Became a living dead
Cursing my luck
And praying to god
Shed tears
Lost my sleep
 I got a call from her
All was well
She was coming back
I laughed and smiled
Kept waiting for her
She came 
After some weeks
With a man on her side
Meet my husband
Were her first words to me?
My joy died,
Eyes left wide open
Lips got sealed
I could only mutter
Without getting heard
And left in a huff

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