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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

You are not alone

Why do you say?
You are alone
Believe me
You are not alone
Your friends are there
Your enemies are there
Your detractors
Your well wishers
Are there
If people think
Bad for you
There are people
Who pray for you?
Do you think?
You do not have
Some body
To listen to you
To share with you
To talk to you
Do not worry
Talk to yourself
Share it with god
Listen to your conscience
Do not wait for
Human beings
To come and please you
They are all suffering
Same as you
They think their
Sufferings are greater
Than yours
Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

When life begins

When life begins
It is a big blank canvass
Without any colors
As life progresses
Colors start flowing
In childhood
Colors of joy
Colors of happiness
In youth
Colors of energy
Colors of dreams
Starts adding
The painting of life
Is not complete
Colors of failures
Unfulfilled dreams
With advancing age
Shades of grey
Colors of sorrow
Colors of responsibilities
Colors of
Experience and maturity
Layer after layer
Making the canvass look
A bag of mixed surprises
As a final touch
Black Color of
Fear of death
The silence of the
Setting sun
Starts arriving
The day comes
When the sun sets
The canvass
Looks totally blank
Masking all the colors
Life had seen
Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar

Sunday, March 17, 2013


There are crossroads
After crossroads
In the path of life
Destiny seems cruel
Goals become unachievable
Thoughts halt
Mind becomes helpless
Dreams shatter
One after the other
Life becomes miserable
Hopes die
Helplessness arrives
One is left with
No other choice
But to leave oneself
On god’s mercy
Take life as it comes
Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar 

Kill your conscience

Money is life
Money is pride
Money is might
Money is power
Money is comfort
Money is honour
Money is might
Money is god
If you believe
Money is everything
Kill your conscience
Forget humanity
Live like a demon
Earn money as you can
Think of heaven
Go to hell
Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar 

Do not be so cruel

Do not be so cruel
Accept my love
I have given my heart
And soul to you
My dreams are for you
My thoughts
Revolve around you
My life is not mine
I owe it to you
Either accept my love
Give your hand to me
Or tell me
How I can forget you ?
When you very well know
You are embossed in
Each and every cell of
My soul and body 
I can forget myself
But not you
Love relationship
Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar 

At times loneliness pushes me

At times
Loneliness pushes me into
The long deep alleys of my past
The passage to the alleys
Is lighted at places
Sometimes shady
Sometimes totally dark
The lighted areas make me happy
Smile comes on my face
It shines like the rising sun
Shady areas make me shiver 
I turn around
To see if somebody is not
Looking at me
Drenched in fear
Dark areas
Make my heart beat faster
Mind twitching in pain and agony
I want to get away from there
As fast as I can
I close my eyes
Pray to god
To take me out from there
To my present
Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar