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Saturday, January 28, 2012

When spring arrives

Cold winter goes
Replace woolens
The cold and the mist
Is forgotten
No shivering and
Clattering of teeth
Colorful flowers
Start to bloom
It is a sigh of relief
For the peasants
Working in the field
Children find it easy
To go to school
Birds sing merrily
Old and sick 
Feel happy
The sun 
Loses its charm
Young people
Sing and dance
Their hearts throb more
All this happens
When spring arrives 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


It was winter
It was raining
Returning home
They were shivering
They were cribbing
After burying
Their pet dog
Who died early
Lived for them
Protected them
Why did he die?
When the day
Was beginning

Said unsaid

I was tense
She was not picking
The phone
Since last two days
I decided
May what happen?
I shall keep on calling
I did the same
In all nervousness
Anxiously kept dialing
She responded to
My call
How are you?
I hope all is well
Why you did not
Pick the phone?
Without taking a break
I shot volley of
Questions at her
“I am O.K “
In a sad tone
Was her reply
My anxiety increased
I kept on asking
Again and again
Tell me the truth
Till she started 
“Nobody cares”
She ultimately said
“I care”
Was my reply
No,”I mean”
Who are supposed to?
She said
I will do anything for you
To keep you smiling
I replied
In a desperate voice
She started saying
Those who care
Should be nearer
Are far away
Those who are closer
Do not bother
Why god does like this?
She busted out crying
Phone near my ears
My eyes wet
I kept on listening

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Romance of the souls

Kept on speaking
Telling me
How to deal with
Life’s intricacies
How to remain calm
In difficulties
And keep smiling
I kept on listening
So involved and
Mesmerized I was
I didn’t know
When she had
Stopped speaking
She reacted pleasantly
Asked me
Were you not listening?
I came out of
My deep thoughts
I was enjoying your
Wonderful discourse
I remember
Each and every word
You said
Was my reply
Now it was my turn
To tell her
About contentment
Confidence and attitude
She closed her eyes
Listened to what I said
With full sincerity
I finished speaking
But she did not  
Open her eyes
Were you listening?
I asked
Yes, yes
Was her reply
Each and every word
You said
Is embossed in my mind
So involved we were
In each other’s discourse
That we did not realize
When each of us
Finished speaking
Kept our eyes closed
Wanting to listen
More and more
I asked her
How it is possible?
It was her turn to
Explain it to me
Dear friend
All what happened
 Is called
Romance of the souls
My soul
Was romancing
With yours

Romance of the minds

I adore her
I admire her
At my command
I respect her
She respects me
Waits to hear from me
When I am depressed
Patiently listens to me 
Motivates me
Her soothing words
Act as a medicine for me
Elevates my mood
She makes me smile
Devoid of
Any sexual urge
Sincerity and Purity
Are the crux
Of our relationship
Romance of our minds
Keeps our friend ship

Monday, January 23, 2012

The child in me

With a wife and children
A good job to do
Have all that I need
People think
I have lot of experience
To share with others
I give to them
 What is expected from me?
But do not hide
The child in me
At times
 I cry and laugh like him
Ask questions
As a child does
Play and behave like him
I know
Childhood cannot return
But the child in me
Takes me back
To the carefree
World of A child
How old I become  
I do not want
The child in me 
To die

Saturday, January 21, 2012


To my madness
My unending desire
To my dream of
Getting more and more
So far, 
They have given me
Less and less of
All what I need
Less sleep
Less happiness
Less contentment
Less peace
It is time to 
Gladly bid adieu
To the world of desires
Remain contented
With what I have

Friday, January 20, 2012

She lives far away

I have
Neither seen her
 Nor met her
Still I adore her
Talking to her
Motivates me
Listening to her
Inspires me
Her cool behavior
Fascinates me
Her earthly approach
Impresses me
Her commitment
To her family
Encourages me
Her attitude
Enthralls me
Her selfless advice
Helps me
In bringing back
My lost smile
She lives far away
However, I find her
Close to me
I dedicate
This poem to her
She is a friend
Guide to me

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fool’s paradise

He wears
Expensive clothes
Designer coats
Dazzling shirts
Colorful pants
Gold bracelets
Diamond studded
Stunning ties
Italian shoes
Priceless goggles
Drives luxury cars
Eats best of food
Dines in
Top restaurants
Abusive language
Does not respect
Thinks only about
Calls himself
A good human being
Lives in a fool’s