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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Said unsaid

I was tense
She was not picking
The phone
Since last two days
I decided
May what happen?
I shall keep on calling
I did the same
In all nervousness
Anxiously kept dialing
She responded to
My call
How are you?
I hope all is well
Why you did not
Pick the phone?
Without taking a break
I shot volley of
Questions at her
“I am O.K “
In a sad tone
Was her reply
My anxiety increased
I kept on asking
Again and again
Tell me the truth
Till she started 
“Nobody cares”
She ultimately said
“I care”
Was my reply
No,”I mean”
Who are supposed to?
She said
I will do anything for you
To keep you smiling
I replied
In a desperate voice
She started saying
Those who care
Should be nearer
Are far away
Those who are closer
Do not bother
Why god does like this?
She busted out crying
Phone near my ears
My eyes wet
I kept on listening

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