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Monday, January 23, 2012

The child in me

With a wife and children
A good job to do
Have all that I need
People think
I have lot of experience
To share with others
I give to them
 What is expected from me?
But do not hide
The child in me
At times
 I cry and laugh like him
Ask questions
As a child does
Play and behave like him
I know
Childhood cannot return
But the child in me
Takes me back
To the carefree
World of A child
How old I become  
I do not want
The child in me 
To die


  1. Absolutely true. Thats fact and we always try to cherish our childhood memories. Beautiful poem.

  2. ya, dil to bachcha hai ji...coz wo pure hota hai so i think ki hum sab k ander ek maasoom sa bachcha hota hi hai...

    nicely written...