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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Getting more Laughter and happiness

Morning sun makes me
Happy and cheerful
My hopes are on the peak
For a day
Full of happiness and laughter
The afternoon sun
Gives too much heat
Unable to look at it
Reminds me of hard work
I am doing
The resultant sweat
Takes some of my laughter
The evening sun
Looks very tired
Giving less shine and heat
Looks as drained as I am
Without any laughter
Only tiredness
As night sets in
I sit in the open
The cold moon light
Ask myself
 What I achieved?
After a tiring day
I feel
Satisfied and contended
For trying to do my best
With patience and dedication
Tiredness goes
Smile comes to my face
I feel happy
Go inside the room
Sleep peacefully
In the hope of
Getting more
Laughter and happiness
The next day

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