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Saturday, April 28, 2012

The devil inside me

The devil inside me
Instigates me
Motivates me
Ridicules me
Seduces me
Laughs at me
On my
Materialistic sufferings
My inability to fulfill
My desires
Coaxes me to
Change myself
Take lesson from all
Who became my disciples?
Enjoy life of luxury
Like they are doing
Asks me to forget
being compassionate,
Honest, and truthful
Remove my miseries
Fulfill my dreams
The god inside me
Comes in between
My faith on him
Does not allow me to
Change me from the path of
Truth, honesty and compassion
Pushes the devil aside
Makes me feel contended

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

When hope starts dying

Sadness arrives
Confidence nosedives
One feels weak and tired
Thoughts become scary
Life becomes boring
One feels lost
It is a time one has to
To talk to oneself
It is not the end of
The world
Think positively
Pray to god
Forget the past
Regain confidence
Restart with
More vigor and strength

When I smile

Everybody thinks
I am happy
When I cry
Remain silent
Everybody thinks
I am   unhappy
I fail to understand
Why I cannot smile
When I am unhappy
Why I cannot cry
When I am happy
I may be smiling
To reduce my misery
I may be crying
Out of emotions
When I am very happy