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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When will the desires arise ?

The desires arise ?
The soul speaks
Thoughts arrive
When will the pen get up?
From deep sleep
I do not know
However, I know one thing
Whenever it opens its eyes
It will convert my thoughts
Into words
Turn them into lines
Carve them on a paper
Give birth to a poem
Pleasure to my heart
Contentment to my soul

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A sick thought

A sick thought
Agony of the heart
Turmoil of the mind
Smile far away
Laughter forbidden
Irritation in behaviour
Becomes call of the
The time
The sooner
You get rid of it
The better it is
Let it not
Rule your mind

When somebody smiles?

Think before you
Return the smile
First, assess
Why one is smiling
If it is a sarcastic smile
Forget it
If your beloved smiles
Hug her
If a beautiful face smiles
Return it with a big smile
After committing a mistake
 If you smile
You may have to repent
Not smile for a long time
All said and done
Smile as much as you can
It will certainly win 
More friends
Than enemies


What will happen?
The day shall come
When everybody shall be
Turned into dust and air
Nothing will remain
Except the name
That too remembered
Not by many
Few will remember
In love
Few with hate
Few may not
Remember at all
Few more things
Will Remain
Some money,
Some property
Personal belongings
To be used by others
What did one get?
Mere satisfaction
Of possessing them
In one’s life
To accumulate them
Did not sleep
Made many enemies
Did all undesirable 
Remained worried
Throughout the life

Saturday, March 17, 2012

When one's own become one's enemy

Become one’s enemy
One does not need
Others to hurt him
Become his friend
Tears give him company
Desire to live vanish
Loneliness creeps in
Depression sets in
Life becomes hell
Every moment one dies
Start thinking
There is no other choice
But to leave the world
Free him self from

Why god gave her so many miseries ?

With no money in the
I was lying on the road
Writhing in pain
When passing by me
She saw me
Stopped by my side
Gave me water to drink
Took me the hospital
Got me treated
Paid for the treatment
As soon as I recovered
To my astonishment
She vanished in thin air
I asked the hospital staff
If anybody knew her
I got an answer
That left me speechless
She was a lonely widow
Living on meagre income
She was suffering from
Her days were numbered
Her gesture left me startled
To me she was a god sent
She forget her misery
To help me
I failed to understand
Why god gave her
So many miseries