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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Her desire

On a winter evening
It was drizzling
Standing under a tree
She was shivering
Through her curly hairs
Water Droplets
Were dripping down
But could not hide
The anxiety on her face
It was getting dark
The place was lonely
When she heard a voice
You must be getting late
Can I drop you home?
She moved her eyes
To her surprise
Saw him standing
She smiled
Slowly replied
I am not in hurry
Why not together
We spent some time
After a a long time
Her desire
To meet her dream
Was fulfilled

Age and experience always does not count

You are much
Younger to me in age
Without  much
Experience of life
But  in any difficulty
I look towards you
I trust you
I respect you
I see
A true friend in you
I am in distress
I take your advice
When depressed
 I talk to you
You understand me
Motivate me
Console me
If you feel
 I am not being
You scold me
Tell me to be patient
Remind me to
Have faith in god
You are
Very precious to me
Age and experience
Always does not count
I wish
Somebody like you
Should be there
In every life

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

If done in time

Little appreciation
Timely consolation
A pat on the back
A warm hug
A kiss on the
A small gift
A sweet smile
A patient hearing
A right advice
Heart felt
Thanks and sorry
Can do wonders
If done in time
Can turn enemy
Into a friend
Motivate people
To do their best
Give solace
To their hearts  
Help them achieve
The unachievable
Win people

Monday, February 27, 2012

The silent eyes

(Photograph courtsey:Joshi Daniel )
Lying on a cot
Under the banyan tree
Deep in thoughts
The frail old poor man
Who had not eaten
For two days
Had nothing else to do
Except asking himself
What else should I do?
The silent eyes
Ready to shed tears
Were speaking loudly
Without any noise 
The anguish of the
Broken heart and
Worried mind
Praying to god
Oh lord,
Please relieve me of
My miseries
I can’t  bear them

My dear cigarette

My dear cigarette
Now I shall have to
Depart from you
I have realized
Your company is not
Good for me
In the disguise
Of a friend
You are an enemy
To me
I candidly admit
When I was alone
You gave me company
When I was tense
You relaxed me
When I used to drink
You increased my
When I was young
With you, I felt modern
All said and done
You damaged my lungs
Your smoke causes
Irritation too many
Damages their health
As it damaged mine
Kills people before time
Your smoke is
No less than a fire
Which burns?
A person from inside
I do not want
Others to accept
Your gift of cancer
As I did
Now I bid
Farewell to you