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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Incomplete message

I reached  her home
To find a big lock
Smiling at me
My eagerness
To meet my beloved
Turned into a long wait
Through out the day
she had vanished
As smoke
Does in thin air
I walked
With a heavy heart
Back towards my home
Midway I saw her
Coming towards me
Seeing me
She ran like a hare
Opened her arms
Sobbingly hugged me
Where were you
I waited for you
The whole day
At your home
I realized
It was my fault
An incomplete
Had Created
The confusion
Kept us away
From each other
My message to her
we shall meet today
Was incomplete
Like a
Half-cooked dish,
she thought
we would meet
At my home
I thought the
Other way round

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