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Friday, December 16, 2011

Guilt Complex

He was my closest friend
From childhood
Shared good and bad time
Always wanted me
To reach greater heights
Started disapproving
The ways and means
I used to fulfill my dreams
My failures created doubts
For him in my mind
Started blaming him
For what I could not achieve
Held him responsible
For all my failures
Our friendship fell apart
I had lost someone
Who was my life’s part?
Time passed
I faced defeat after defeat
My progress halted,
Growth retorted
Until I realized
I was not doing the right
What my lost friend
Had advised
Unwillingly did,
What he had suggested
My ways and means
Started tasting
Success after success
My dreams were fulfilled
But kept suffering
From the crime
I had committed
I had doubted
My friend’s integrity
Never cared for his
Love and sincerity
The guilt complex
Never allowed me 
To live happily
I had lost courage 
To face him
For my wrong doings
Tears keep coming 
To the eyes
I feel all my achievements
Are tainted and farce
How to win him back ?
Is now my goal

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