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Friday, April 29, 2011

Go and pray for her soul

Somebody told me
She is back in town
My eyes lit in happiness
Heart beats increased
My desire to meet her
Came back to life
I got ready
Wore the best dress
I had
Bought   a bouquet
Of flowers
Prayed to god
What I would say to her
Ran to her house
I was Perspiring
My heart thumping
I saw a big lock
On the door of her house
I was shocked
Tears in my eyes
My wish of meeting her
Could not materialize
A neighbour came
And asked
Why I was there?
I told the matter
With a gloomy face
He informed me
Somebody had played
An ugly prank on me
She can never come
She was no more
She had died long ago
Go and pray for
Her soul

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