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Friday, April 8, 2011

Only “Karm” Was In My Hands

I asked a Veteran Mountaineer
How he reached the top?
He replied calmly
The Mountain was tall and mighty
Climb was steep and high
I wanted to see the World
From the peak of the Mountain
I prepared myself
And started my Journey
Many discouraged
Others created fear in me
I was determined
To achieve my Goal
I remembered the lessons of Geeta
 Somebody told
Only “Karm” was in my Hands
I started to climb
Sometimes I lost hold
Sometimes I slipped
But nothing deterred me
I was cautious and patient
Full of concentration  
Kept climbing on and on
One day I made it to the top
(Dr.Rajendra Tela,"Nirantar")


  1. ashish urankar
    to me

    show details 1:16 AM (7 hours ago)

    this is dam good

  2. awesome!!!!!!!
    inspirational one......