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Monday, April 25, 2011

When I was born

When I was born
I could recognize my mother
She introduced me to my father
To my brothers and sisters
They introduced me
To uncle and aunts
I was told
What to do and what not to do
My knowledge of right or wrong
Came from them
Then came the school
Teachers told me,
Two plus two is four
And so on
What they gave was education
They told me
Nobody asked what I wanted to do
What I liked and what I disliked
When I grew up
I found myself
Chained in should and should not
Right and wrong
As told by whomsoever I met
I could never do what I wanted to
I hated and respected people
Because I was told to
I feel chained by dos and don’ts
I want to be a free man
Break the shackles created by others
Think and do what I want to
Not to be guided by others
Make my own rules for my life

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