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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Want To Face It On My Own

I was driving to my Home
Weather was very humid and hot
Saw an old man on the Road
Walking slowly with a stick in Hand
I stopped the car on his Side
Got out with a Smile
Asked him to sit in the Car
So that he can escape the Sun
Without tiring, reach his Destination
The old man Refused
Thanked me for my Courtesy
And Said
Heat of life is more than the Sun
I have faced it throughout my Life
I want to face it on my Own
Self dependence is my rule for Life
Try not to depend on known Unknown
As long as I feel I can
When Not,
I shall leave it to the God Above
612-45 -04-11
(Dr.Rajendra Tela,"Nirantar") 

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