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Friday, April 29, 2011

He had lost his pride

He thought
He was the strongest man
There was nobody
Stronger and powerful than him
His pride turned him
From human to a demon
He used to bully
Young and old equally
Asking for money
And goods of his choice
Nobody dared to defy
One day he got hit by a
Speeding car
Broke his leg
Started  bleeding
Unable to get up
He cried in pain
Nobody came to
Help him recover
Kept lying on the road
Fainted after some time
When he woke up
Found himself in the hospital
A frail old man
Was sitting on his bedside
He remembered
He bullied him the most
Asked him
Why did he help him?
Old man replied
You did what you thought
Was right
I did ,what I thought
Was right
The strong man
Held the old man's hand
Tears flowing from his eyes
He had lost his pride

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