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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The nurse was like a mother to him

He could not speak,
He could not move
Kept lying
On the hospital bed
With eager eyes
Kept looking at the door
He was waiting
For the nurse to arrive
When he saw the nurse
Greeted her with a big smile
How are you?
And good morning she said
To show his happiness
He giggled a bit
And looked into her eyes
His eyes got wet
As if he got 
Everything he wanted
The nurse was like 
A mother to him
He was like a child to her
Did everything what a child needed
Love and care she provided
Never did he felt  
The absence of his mother   


  1. I just went through your blog,amazing poetry both in English and Hindi.congratulations,I never knew of this talent you posses,may God shower more wisdom because who ever shall go through your poetries is bound to benefit.With best wishes and kind regards.
    Yours sincerly,
    Hemendra Singh Banera