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Friday, May 27, 2011

Remove the word war out of mind and dictionary

Me and mine in man
Created hate and boundaries
Converted them into countries
Cast, color, creed and religion
In the minds of people
To possess more and more
Became the ultimate goal
Wars resulted
Killing the innocent
In the name of god,
Land and authority
Became passion of many
Innocent men,women 
And children died
Millions wounded
Many lived without limbs
 Throughout their lives
Families broke 
Lives displaced
For the ego of few
New arms invented
New methods of killing
Madness continues
From many ages 
Leaders talk about humanity
But act like demons
Let the madness end
 Throws the arms in the sea
Live like humans
Remove the word war
Out of mind and dictionary
Let the goal be
Love and humanity
Irrespective of
Color,religion or country  

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