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Friday, May 13, 2011

First ray of sun

First ray of sun
Travels to the earth
From high skies
Light of day begins to shine
Sun rises slowly, far in the sky
Goes higher and higher
As time trickles
Mountains are the first
To see the rising beauty
Sky is full with rainbow colors
Dark shades of night
Not to be seen
Every heart sighs in relief
Fills with joy when sees the light
Light and colors inspires every life,
Give a meaning to love and desire
Birds keep chirping
Wind keeps flowing
Mist is lost with the advent of heat
Evaporates to the sky above
Leaves on trees ,
Make a gentle sound
Their rumbling and mumbling
Make their presence felt all around
Thoughts of life
Keep coming to my mind
Touching the heart endless times
Beauty of nature ,
Brings words in my mind
I wish every soul to feel and hear
What I think?
Mountains and rivers never complain
A full bright day has just begun
Cheering every face on the earth alike
Nature is the gift of god to mankind
I wish every life enjoys it fully

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