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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Never blame any body

I wished
I shall win the competition
I lost it
I prayed to god
I don’t want to suffer in pain
The prayer went in vain
I had a fall
Had to bear lot of pain
I wanted to pass in exams
I failed
I started grumbling
Blaming everybody
And my destiny
For all that I wanted
And I didn’t get
I stopped working
I stopped praying
Lost all hopes
If ever, I would be happy
I met an old man
Who was a famous painter?
He couldn’t walk
And suffered
 From a serious disease
He was laughing and smiling
Talking to everybody
With grace and poise
I asked the old man  
How is he so happy?
I haven’t lost hope
I pray to god
Never blame any body
For my destiny
Take life as it comes
Work as much as I can
 Came the reply
I got the message
Embossed it in my mind
I pray to god daily
Keep the old man
Happy and alive

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