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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I wish every teacher to be like him

It was a
pleasant surprise
My old teacher
Stood in front of me
Hairs white
Wrinkles on the face
But light in the eyes
Still very bright
I bowed and touched his feet
He blessed me with a big smile
Memories took me to
Few years back
I was an orphan
He taught and took care of me
Treated me the best one could
Always smiled
And used tell me
Live with humility,
Help the needy
Never hurt anybody
Put your heart and soul
In whatever you do
I kept his lessons in my mind
Started following them in my life
I got everything I needed
More than I had ever wished
People call me
 A successful man
Rolling in money
Liked by every body
I am what I am
All because of him
I wish every teacher
 To be like him 

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