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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gave my heart and soul to her

I met her on my first day in college
She was my classmate
Wasn’t beautiful
Short in height and Normal looks
An average student, No extra talent,
Nothing to attract my desire for love
I was new to the city and the college
She helped me with books and notes
Took me to the doctor when I fell sick
Dropped me on her scooter
To and fro from to college
Always greeted me with a hearty smile
Helped me in my thesis and studies
Never asked for anything in return
Whether in the college or outside
It was the same with every person
I met with a severe accident
She took my care day and night
I never saw her loosing temper
Never did she refuse anybody for help
Meaning of beauty had changed for me
Physical beauty was not my concern
Her inner beauty had captured my heart
I couldn’t stop myself from loving her
Gave my heart and soul to her  

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