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Sunday, May 29, 2011

She kept waiting

She kept waiting 
To hear for him
There was no message
No call from him
She kept checking
The mailbox 
From time to time
Falsely smiling
On seeing some body
Ate food without enjoying
Looked at the door 
And the phone
Thousand times
Tried to sleep, but couldn’t
Stopped leaving the house
She might miss the call
Waiting for him
Became a nightmare
Tears flowed now and then
Thoughts keep coming
She said to herself
He never keeps his promises
She will never allow him
To leave her alone
He said, he will be travelling
In the countryside
Communicating will be difficult
So be patient
Simple for him, to say this
Never realized the agony
she was in
It is better to die
Than to wait for him

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