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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Life or death didn’t matter to me

I wrote a letter to her
Filled it with choicest words
My love and desire for her
Full of hope
Kept waiting for days
Lost my peace, lost my sleep
Waiting for the postman
To bring a message from her
My heart pained
Anxiety increased
I did not hear from her
I didn’t know what to do
Kept praying to god
One day the postman came
The address was not correct he said
Returned the letter back to me  
I decided to give my life away
Ran towards the river bridge
To jump into the river beneath
There I saw somebody jumped
Before I could
A letter was lying on the ground
I picked the letter
Read it with a heavy heart
To learn it was written by her
She ended her life
Waiting to hear from me
She could not contact me
As I had changed my house
I became a living, dead
Now Life or death
Didn’t matter to me  

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