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Thursday, May 26, 2011

It was my duty, to help somebody

Looted by robbers
Badly injured
He was crying in pain
His money gone
He was driving on a remote road
He had trusted two lift seekers
Responded to their request
Of dropping them
To the next station
Never in his life
He shall help and trust anybody
How much in distress one may be
It’s my vow he said to himself
A hand on his shoulder
Brought him out of his thoughts
There was a person
Standing near by
He took him to the hospital
Got him treated, gave food to eat
Took his full care
Kept him in his house
Till he became alright
Gave money to him
Dropped him at the station
While departing
Tears flowing from his eyes
Thank you he said
To the god like person
It was my duty, to help somebody
In distress, came the reply
He now vowed, he shall also help
People in distress
Without bothering
In return
What he shall get?

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