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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Go back to the place you belong

Tired of problems in life
He decided to move out of
Everybody’s sight
Left his home
For an unknown place
Free of all the troubles
He walked 
From morning to dusk
Then he saw bright lights
Reaching nearer
He saw fire blazing
Everybody Trying
To save their lives
He ran from there
Spent the night in the forest
In the morning
Saw a village nearby
Reaching there
Didn’t see any sign of life
Dead people all around
Disease and hunger
Had taken their toll  
He ran from there
To find a better place
On his journey he met a saint
He asked him to suggest a place
Where he could find  
Peace and solace
The saint smiled and said to him
Peace and turmoil are side by side
It’s your attitude
That gives you peace and anger
Go back to the place you belong
Positive attitude
Shall make all the difference
You shall become a happy man  

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