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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Never to be trapped, in negative thoughts

Success not to be seen
Failure all around
The world looked like hell
Everybody, a devil
I was sad and depressed
Unable to sleep
I took a pill
Don’t remember
When the eyes closed?
I was going deep
 In an unexplored black hole
The journey seemed endless
Didn’t know when it shall end?
I began to fear
Remembered god
Get me out of the mess
Then, I saw ray of light
Felt as if
The journey was come to its end
I heard a voice
Which woke me from my sleep?
Drenched in perspiration
I opened my eyes  
Mother standing on my side
Her hands in my hairs
Her eyes wet
Don’t worry, she said
Have faith in god 
And belief in your self  
Everything will be all right
My fear gone
Full of hope
I got up from the bed
With greater determination
To work harder for my goal
Never to be trapped
In negative thoughts

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