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Monday, September 12, 2011

I got what I did not desire

I got
I did not get
What I desired
I became frustrated
Started complaining
Agony increased
Irritability mounted
My behavior
Kept changing
Became worse
Day by day
My concentration
Till I quit working
I went into a shell
Life became a hell
My mother
Guessed my pain
Asked me
Do I remember?
What I got
Even without asking
Thank god for
What he gave me
Have little patience
Remain calm
Keep working hard
There can be delay
But success
Never stays away
God gives to those
Who have?
Faith and trust in him
Pray and live like
A good human being
I realized my weaknesses
Followed the path
My mother
Had shown to me
I became happy
 In what I could get
Never cribbed again
For what I could not get   

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