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Friday, March 25, 2011

About Me

I take 
Life as it comes
Never depressed by
 What may not come?
See brightness 
In a dark sky
To get it, 
Always ready to fly
Search happiness
Wherever I can find 
In man or woman
I never mind
Contentment is my
Favourite thought
With that in mind,
I’m never distraught
Always play a fair game
Never use 
Any means of shame
Age is no bar for me
Any one making life 
Rosy for me
Old and young 
Are equal to me
Keep doing new and good
Is, motto of life for me
All around people know me
Though it’s not
Very important for me
Always satisfies me   
Helping others,is my duty
Keeping busy 
Makes me happy
Relaxing is a necessity
Punctuality enhances
My sense of duty
Games to Philanthropy
Movies and  Reading
Gardening to photography
Astrology and Nature  
Makes my life spicy
Professionally satisfied
Peace and Contentment
 Is my goal
That shall give peace
To my soul
Like every body
I have my share of pain
I have learnt to
Live with the same
Writing is my tool
To express my self 
What I think and how I felt
Doing four jobs at a time
Is the quality of a Gemini
All this for,
Who wants’ to know
About me
Dr.Rajendra Tela"Nirantar"

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