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Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Heart Bleeds ,When You Weep

My heart bleeds
When you weep
Tears flow but not seen  
Wanna reduce your misery
Not  see you unhappy  
Give back your glory
Wanna Pay for the sins,
committed Unknowingly  
Wanna see you happy
Your smile is blessing to me
You are full of energy
Wish you, use it fully
I’m always with you
I’ll make you believe you
You are always in me
I’m sure god listens to me
 your dreams come true
Wanna see you bubbling
Laughing, Smiling
Always praying for you
Hope you trust me
Believe me
Love me as I do
Have faith in almighty
He shall certainly
Listen to you
May god bless you  
Dr.Rajendra Tela"Nirantar"

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