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Saturday, August 13, 2011

He was more than a dog to me

My dog Bosky

When small

Looked very chubby

Had a big

Burly body

Black coat shining

Long tail wagging

Ready to pounce

On anybody


Old and young

Would fear

Very sight of his

Would know

From a distance

If I was coming

Started barking

Moved in the garden

With tremendous


Followed my commands

With full sincerity

At times behaved


Won’t listen to me

Ran here and there

Asking me

To play with him

Slept near my bed

Throughout his life

In thick and thin

Always with me

More than a friend

Was a part of the family

Guarded the house

With full responsibility

Sickness brought

Silence to him

Made me look

Helpless and weak

The day he died

It was raining

As if even god was


Always remains

In my memory

Eyes become watery

When I think of him

He was more than a

Dog to me

(In memory of my pet dog Bosky)



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